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help with an ipod app? Answered

Hi i have an app on my ipod which is no longer available on the app store and i recently bought an iphone i need to get the app on both of my apple devices. I need some sort of 3rd party app or exe file to transfere just one app. :)



Best Answer 7 years ago

Most of the time iTunes will save you a backup of your purchases, but if you've somehow lost (or deleted it), you can transfer apps from your iPod to iTunes, and then download to your new iPhone.

Step 1: If iTunes isn't authorized on your Mac or PC to the account you used to buy the app for your iPod, you'll need to set that up first. Open iTunes. Select "Store" and "Authorize Computer", and then enter the Apple ID and password, then click the "Authorize" button.

Step 2: Then to transfer from your iPod, connect it to your computer. You'll probably see a popup window to sync your device.... You want to click on the "Transfer Purchases" button. (Make sure you don't accidentally click "Erase and Sync"!!!) Once you click the "Transfer Purchases" button, iTunes will copy any purchases made with the account you are authorized to from step 1.

B: If you are not prompted with a window (because you clicked the "don't ask me again" checkbox), you'll need to go to File and select "Transfer Purchases from "YOUR iPod"

Just keep in mind that it will ONLY download the purchases you made with the authorized account (from step 1).

Step 3: After the transfer is complete, you can connect your iPhone and download the app that you just transferred to iTunes. With any Apple ID you can have up to 10 devices and computers (combined) associated to the account, so if you have not yet associated your iPhone to that Apple ID, you should do so.

If you have any questions, let me know. Otherwise, if you don't need further help, you can mark your question as "answered" by clicking on one of the blue buttons. ;-)


7 years ago

is there any app or way you can do this without backing up everything as i dont want to sync every thing just that app. thanks


7 years ago

If you are on iOS 5, go get on iCloud, should be able to work with your apple ID if I remember right

Set it up on both devices.

On the new phone, go into the app store > Updates > Purchased > Not on this ipod/iphone

Scroll down to correct app, hit install, and enter your ID.
The app itself will be there, but any saved data on the app might/might not be there. But probably not...
What app is it??


7 years ago

Plug in you old iPod and bring up itunes.
Right click the iPod icon in iTunes and select back up.
When the back up is completed plug in your new iPod/phone and right click on the icon in iTunes again and select Restore. Now everything that was on the old (apps, videos, pictures, music, ect) will now be on the new.