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help with building a backpack speaker system for mp3 player from old speakers? Answered

i have two speakers from one of those big radio players, each run at 80 watts. id like to have some help with building the system fit for a standard backpack and have two available power options(battery and wall). would like to know how to set it up so that it also has a small amp to bost the volume so the noise is loud enough to hear in a medium sized room.


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11 years ago

ok this is easy to do all u need a computer speakers that have volume and bass control or just volume control take it apart carefuly and remove the wires from the speakers not the board then hook up your speakers to the wires that were on the computer speakers then u want to the plug and splice the wires and hook up a 7.2 rc car battery to it then u got your amp now take the wire that has the headphone jack on it and plug it up to mp3 or any audio divice thats how i built mine