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ho to make a light display blink to audio? Answered

what i want to make is a sort of light grid with LED's to where the lights will blink to music. im thinking of breakng it down into thirds. lights for bass, high and low range. what would i need aside from the powersource and the leds. i know that there is a power drop after a few leds are wired in either series and paralell and that the lights become dim.what type of resisters would i ues to maintain consistant voltage and what components do i need to convert sound waves into electrical impulses unfortuantely i cant read advanced wiring diagrams. but im getting there slowly. all i can really follow on is the symbols for power and some obvious things as such. any help would be appreciated. even if i can get 3 lights to blink to different wave lengths i can modd from there and i will post back to all that are intrested my results and ensue a following instructable in great detail. detail is goood


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