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(home made lightbox) Keeping backlight on - which pins to bridge on monitor psu board Answered

thought id seek a bit of pro advice from the forums for my first post as im totally drawing blanks on this one!.

i am trying to finish my custom lightbox made from an old hanns.g hh281 monitor. at the moment, when powered on, the backlight turns on then off after a few seconds as no pc signal is being received. 

i have taken a picture of the connector to the main board as i cannot figure out which 2 pins to bridge to keep the ccfl backlights on :-(

i was guessing one of the ground pin and the on/off  would work but didnt want to mess this up on the first go .

any input would be a godsend!

thanks all!



2 months ago

I am trying to do the same thing. Unlike you, I decided to risk it and try bridging pins randomly till it works.

I found that bridging ON/OFF and either of the +5V pins with a 10K resistor makes the backlight glow as soon as power is connected. I tried with a 40K resistor, and it had the same effect. However, with both these resistors:
(a) The backlight was glowing very dim
(b) The backlight continued to glow for 5-6 seconds after I disconnected the power

Please note, I have NO idea what I'm doing. I really hope someone who does can answer this. Here's a picture of my monitor's PSU board pins.