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home security system based on a gprs modem Answered

I want to develop an ASP.Net web site using VB.Net for receiving data from a device.

The device will send data to the server where the website is placed.

My question is: can I write my script in VB.Net for getting the values from the device and displaying the same information into the web server database and how should i do this and also i want to do this through dynamic dns...is it possible..if yes then how will be the interfacing be done ? i have the code but im confused about the interfacing part...

how do i interface with the gprs modem using j2me without using a pc...i want to use it to send a sms through the gprs modem in a home security system to a predefined mobile number...

thank you...



6 years ago

Draw a block diagram to show what you want more understandably.