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homemade Boogie Board Writing Tablet? Answered

Is there a way to make homemade Boogie Board Writing tablet or magna doodle from stuff that you can get our have at home.
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5 years ago

As I am not quite familiar with this one, could you please clarify what funtionality you wish to replicate:

The draw-and-erase part or the draw-and-save part?

In the former case you could build a small-ish whiteboard either by painting over a piece of wood or cardboard using whiteboard paint or taking a piece of cardboard and have it laminated at a copy shop. Then get some whiteboard markers and possibly a sponge and let the doodling begin!

If paper is an option, go for a simple writing pad. Not everything has to be digital.

In the latter case I'd say just pay the 40 bucks or so for a Boogie Board as you won't be able to build one for less. Alternatively, if you already own a tablet or touchscreen PC (or a smartphone for that matter) there's probably a software/app which'll let you draw whatever you want.


Answer 5 years ago

go to home improvement store and get that white paneling they use to line showers. its cheaper than buying a dry erase board.