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homemade paint gun/ airbrush Answered

ok well me and a friend of mine have been experimenting with making our own paint gun. we are doing for two reasons. well we want to airbrush some things but we don't have one adn we don't have much money, and we need something to do so it occupies time.

we have gone throught many trials and errors and quite a few have failed.

we now have one that works acually pretty well.

it composes of blowgun attached to an aircompresser, there is a "t" fitting at the other end of the blowgun, at one part of the "t" fitting is a little attachment that goes to a small water bottle, and at part of the water bottle is a little nozzle(nozzle2). than at the other part of the "t" fitting is another nozzle (nozzle1). those nozzles are really close to each other. you put the paint in the water bottle and supply air to it than it paints(sometimes)

i was just wondering if anyone knew how to make it better or had another idea for a paint gun?

any comment that is related to the topic is welcome and thanks for any feedback.

i am sorry if that is confusing.


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