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how I can run 2.1 subwoofer in my car? Answered

plese tell me the right and inexpensive way of plugging in the wooferin my car.
i have suzuki mehran 800cc and i have nt enough money to buy a car woofer so i planned to play my pc woofers in my car
tell me wat i can do now


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9 years ago

yes you can, i did it recently. Its actually easier than a typical sub system since it doesnt involve alot of current to run
The tools and supplies are a couple of things:
Some scrap wire
A resistor ( i used a 4 ohm)
wire cutters
A screw driver
Mine was a cheap system with a 3 inch woofer and two speakers. the system ran on 9 volts from a transformer that plugs into the wall, so i cut it off and put a 4 ohm resistor on it to reduce the voltage. the speaker system uses only 700 milliamps so i wired it directly into the back of the radio at the electric antenna/ amp turn on wire for the power supply, then i cut off the headphone jack on the speaker system and wired that into the subwoofer pre-out on the back of the radio too.
If you dont have an aftermarket radio then you can do it an easier way. To power it, just wire it into a cigarette lighter plug and use the cigarette lighter plug on the dashboard. (dont forget the resistor depending on your speaker systems input voltage) As for the speaker input, just run some wires to one of the rear speakers (or both since the pc speakers are stereo. it doesnt matter)
Other than that just adjust the volume and bass on the pc speakers to calibrate it to your car stereo just like an amplifier for a subwoofer system. its really no different.
Now you have two extra speakers for your car as well; or if you dont want them, just cut them off and keep the subwoofer only. I'll prob make an instructable soon about it.