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how about using truck wiper motor for electric bicycle? since it is 24v and i guess it will also run on 48v battery? Answered

can i use two same wiper motor two get more power? i want to remove gear from its wiper motor than i will add bigger gear from bicycle peddle?



Best Answer 5 years ago

Your looking at around 80 to 100 watts in a BIG wiper motor.


This is marginal. You put out about 1/4 HP - 746 watts (approx) in a Hp so that's 186 watts. The motor is half that.

Plus you will have to carry 2 lead acid batteries which will weigh about half as much as you do, this takes up a lot of power to accelerate.

As an assist this motor may/will help lift the load of you pedalling and if you can arrange a suitable LIPO battery then the weight of that will be much less.

You can't fit the same gear you have on your bike. The motor will need to do perhaps 3000 RPM to run effectively. So the gearing needs to be suitable for that.

A lot of external assist motors run on the tire with a friction wheel connecting them This gives a big gear ratio.

To get any speed (say 20MPH) without your assistance you will need at least 300 to 500 watts. that's 20 amps at 24 volts.


Answer 5 years ago

Well put, and alternative presented.


5 years ago

Sadly it will burn up on 48Volts !!!!

A wiper motor is a fractional horse power machine and might move a bicycle at 1mph.