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how an instructables is selected as featured? Answered


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Best Answer 8 years ago

A member of the staff or volunteer community feature team finds content that is above average - worthy of being seen by all - and add it to the feature list.

There are many links to 'how to get featured' - but it comes down to:
  • Have a unique idea or spin on an existing idea to make into an instructable.  You won't be the first to put up a duct-tape wallet, but if it's unique or awesome it can still be featured.
  • Have well written instructions on how to make that idea/thing.  Grammar and spelling counts.  Being creative here is key; people have to want to read it.
  • Use quality, original photos or multimedia to show off your stuff.  You don't need an expensive camera to take sharp well-lit pictures.  Photos that give guidance how to replicate your project are important.
Follow those guidelines, and you're sure to get featured.

8 years ago

See Frollard's answer first.

Regarding your ship-carving project, some specific feedback would be;

> Don't use BLOCK CAPITALS ALL THE WAY THROUGH. It is hard to read, and feels like shouting.

> Take photos as you go along. We like to see the process of Making, not just the end product.

> Take a little extra time to get your photos in focus.


Answer 8 years ago

I was going to add this specifically as an addendum to mine but I'm under the weather and didn't get to adding the reply.

Focus, progress, and block capitals - that's what bold and underline are for :)