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how are alto saxophone notes different than tenor saxophone notes? Answered

my dad  got a tenor saxophone song book by accident and i have a alto saxophone will it make a difference how i play the notes?



3 years ago

I play the alto saxophone as well. What you will want to do, since the tenor is in the key of Bb and the alto in the key of Eb, you will want to transpose it down by an interval of a 4th. So, if there is a C displayed on the music, you will play a G. If there is a G displayed, you will play an F. Hope this helps!


3 years ago




In principle no matter what key you are in the interval between the notes is the same.

You can therefore play the notes as written on your sax and it should be the same tune. This is OK if you on your own BUT if your playing with other instruments then you may need to transpose the music into a key everyone can play in. see links.

ON the other hand you can take the music back to the shop and ask really nicely if they will change it for the right version for your SAX.