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how can I build a light board that will randomly turn on 1 of 4 lights? Answered

I want to be able to have 4 different colored lights on a board. press a switch and have one of the 4 lights randomly come on. lights will be 110 volts. will be used with the game twister.



8 years ago

Searching Instructables for random light provides numerous solutions. Odds are, one of them could be adapted to your purpose.

Interestingly, at least two of those search results show up in the RELATED box for this question, reinforcing the obvious fact that you could have typed your "related" words directly into the search box.


Answer 8 years ago

let me make my question a bit clearer. I want to be able to randomly turn on one of (4) 110 volt light bulbs. the bulbs will be red, blue, green and yellow. I want to be able to have a switch that would light up the bulbs randomly and then stop on one of them. press the switch again and it would light up the bulbs independently stopping on a random color. this will be used to play a mega twister game. I need the bright lights because we will have 40 or 50 kids and the lights need to be seen from quite a distance away.
the random light search did not get close to what I need. I found a remote control that will control 3 receptacles. this would work if it would control 4 receptacles. I am open to any ideas.