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how can I do a bicolor led on/off candle whit a ldr and a 555? Answered

i need do this for my school but i don't have any information



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9 years ago

Where do you go to school ?
I think you want us to design this for you.
A 555 is a timer, oscillator, one-shot, modulator, candle-steady-flicker.
An ldr is a photo-sensitive-resistor capable of small changes to flickering the candle rate as ambient light changes and a tripping point for a break-over semiconductor.
You could use one 555 and the ldr to cause a pulse to occur.
That pulse fires the second 555 to ( Turn ON ) light your LED candle and after a time out ( turn Off ).
A 556 is a double 555.
This design uses the battery all the time, you need a switch and if you have a power switch why all this. Use a tiny micro instead and get a few days out of a battery.
Good luck,