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how can I get $300 before July? Answered

I need to get $300 so i can get the nintindo switch




2 years ago

When I was younger I raised money by re-selling what I didn't want anymore (in a time before the internet, I used classified ads in local papers, these days you have eBay, Craigslist, Gumtree etc).

I also worked in a computer repair shop in my spare time from the age of 11, got paid £20 a day (which was a good amount of money at the time). More common jobs were a paper round or milk round (though the latter is harder to find these days).

Another idea (depending on how old you are) is to ask your parents if you can do chores around the house to earn some extra money.


2 years ago

Can you buy used to save money?

If not, you need to earn ~$15 a week. It depends on what you'll do, your age, and where you live, but that should be an hour or two a week which sounds okay...

What can you do?


2 years ago

The time wasted to post this request and wait for answers could have been enough already to land a job that brings you more than 300 till June...

Josehf MurchisonDownunder35m

Answer 2 years ago

You could make that between now and March selling coffee in a Donut shop after school and on weekends.


2 years ago

And in July what happens ?

A new and better N.S. becomes available..

Josehf Murchison

2 years ago

You are kidding right.

Get a job.

I got my first job when I was 11 working on a moving van.

Go into house.

Pick up box.

Carry box to moving van.

Hand box to guy loading moving van.

Go back to house get another box.

Do same over and over until moving van is loaded.

Go to new house.

Do same in reverse, take boxes from van put in house.

It may be bumbass work but it pays.

What do you want money for nothing?

There are paper routs.

Make jewelry.

45 years ago I found myself without a home.

I fed myself by making jewelry pendents out of sea shells.

You gave me an idea I will enter the jewelry making contest.