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how can I make an outdoor slide to attach to my homemade swing? Answered

What can I use to make a slide for my toddler? I want to attach it somehow to the swingset I made for him.



7 years ago

There are safety specifications for slides so kids do not get hurt. For instance, the ending of the slide needs to be flat in order to slow kids down to not fracture their tailbone if they come off too fast. You are better off in the long run to buy one online http://www.swingsetswings.com/slides.php

pancake 1

8 years ago

I started to make a slide for my boys swingset out of a 10ft ,24 inch plastic black culvert that I was gonna use for my driveway but instead went with concrete..it is easy to cut,I cut it right down the middle with a skill saw ,I was gonna bolt 2 ,12 ft 2*4 's to it ,then to the 6ft deck that i built,then build the footing so it doesnt sit on the ground,about a foot or so ,till you get the angle you want ,at the last minute,,I found a 10 ft slide on Craigslist ,for a fair price,,so i went with it instead


10 years ago

The best way really is buy the chute portion of the slide in metal or plastic, and then make the rails, ladder, & etc. yourself. (Unless you have the equipment & the skills to fabricate a metal chute.) You'll want to attach it to one end of the swingset because the top of the slide will need to be substantially lower than the top of the swingset. If you work it out right, you can probably get the two structures to brace & support each other.