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how can I make door slides from drawer slides? Answered




Best Answer 10 years ago

What kind of drawer slides? The cheap, crappy kind with little plastic wheels that run on a 90-degree flat plate? You can't, at least not easily. The door will probably fall off as soon as some poor slob leans against it the wrong way.

The more expensive (by which I mean $20 to $50 per pair) captured-bearing systems (usually called "drawer glides") can definitely be used for a door. I have used a pair myself for a project here on Instructables. I have a colleague who used the same kind (24" full-extension, 70lb load) to hang shoji doors for his kids' playroom.

The key is to mount the drawer glide precisely level. Sloppiness isn't going to cut it. Use a level to mark the screw holes, then use the level again while you're tightening the screws to make usre the glide is level. If you're attaching it permanently, consider using some two-part epoxy between the back of the glide and the wall, to help prevent it from settling over time.


10 years ago

Need more information. Not really sure what you mean, and how "null" helps us out here... However, if you're planning on putting the slides on the top and bottom of the door, think about the loading... They were originally designed to mount on a vertical surface, where gravity would be parallel to them, and not perpendicular, as wehn they are horizonally mounted.