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how can I play PC games on my MacBook Pro at no cost? Answered

My friend let me borrow his SIms 2 game for PC with a bunch of expansion packs, but the game is for PC, I only have macs in my home and I was hoping there was a way to play this game on my MacBook Pro, i'm extremely low on cash and wanted to find a way to do this without purchasing a $50 program



9 years ago

If you are a student:
1) Get Windows free from dreamspark.
2) Get VirtualBox free. (or use BootCamp)

I would recommend BootCamp for serious games.

Windows Server 2008 is equivalent to Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 R2 is equivalent to Windows 7. With any version of Windows Server you will have to install certain parts of the OS after the main installation. (Such as Wi-Fi, if you wish to use it.)


10 years ago

Older games might be playable using an emulator such as Virtual PC but new game like the Sims cannot be played.