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how can I ramp up my transistor visualizer? Answered

I'm trying to make a light display for the inside of my car. right now, we're testing with a single led. we bought some transistors, and are hooking them up to a stereo to see if we can get a good visualization going. but it just has kind of a little dim flicker going on. how can I make it so that it represents the music better?



Answer 10 years ago

I know how to hook up the transistor and everything, my problem is that it won't go up to it's full brightness. it just dimly flickers. oh, and also, the majority of the transistors I bought (I bought a 15 pack) just let all the current through at once, no matter how I hooked it up. could it be a bad batch or something?


Answer 10 years ago

nevermind, I didn't ground the audio source. I'm feeling stupid. oh well.


10 years ago

It sounds like what you're trying to reinvent is a color organ. Websearching on that phrase should find some circuit designs.