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how can I refurbish cultured marble sink? Answered

My house is over 20 years old and all 3 of my bathrooms have been re-done except for the sinks. Is there anything I can do to polish up or make old, scratched up cultured marble look better?



7 years ago

I too have one of these. What I have been thinking about is giving it z thin coat if concrete or mortor after ridding it up a tad. I won't be trying this till summer but I like the way concrete looks and thought I would try it. If you try it let me know how it goes


10 years ago

In a nutshell: no, it's not real practical for a DIYer. Fixing scratches on marble requires sanding the whole surface, otherwise you get a dip on the area you reground. So after you go through several types of wet sandpaper, now you need to polish it. It's probably more cost effective to replace the marble tops, or simply place something on top of the scratched area of the scracthes are just here and there. If you really really want to do it, learn about went sanding, then polishing (where you will need polishing compounds) and prepare to spend upwards of 20-40 hours just doing one small sink with an electric sander. You will need a respirator too.