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how can I start living off the grid? Answered

What are all the steps that can be taken to live off the grid and still live with all the things I have now?



Best Answer 9 years ago

if you are SINGLE, you can do it right now, because nobody will stop you. Just go to your electrical box and shut off all the breakers. Then shut off your gas too if you have natural gas. One man did just that because he was disgusted with the dangers of nuclear... and the dirtyness of coal-power. He lived like that for ten years, then slowly added solar panels etc and heated his house with wood. If you have family members that would object to that strategy, then you must go off the grid a little slower. Reduce your usage little by little... then when your usage is extremely low.... cut off the grid completely and use the GRID as a backup to your other sources of heat and electricity... (solar and wood). Both methods are extremely difficult to do. What i am doing.. is every season (winter and summer) I try to do ONE thing to cut my usage. The best website i have found for that subject is builditsolar.com


9 years ago

By doing all the work that the power company does for you now (there IS savings in large scale). Part of living off the grid is simplifying what you have-doing the same with less.