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how can I turn an old laptop monitor into a usable stand alone display? Answered

I recently disassembled an old ibm thinkpad 380E laptop i had laying around. I have the guts and all that including the wire harness's and power inverter. The screen model is a Hitachi SX31S004 or ibm P/n 12J0130. I want to use the lcd by itself without having to get the laptop running as I have removed it from the case and have the board sitting in a drawer. I suppose I could reassemble the thing but I dont want to use all that. I would like to find the pinouts for the lcd but they have proven very hard to find. IF anyone can point in the right direction that would be tops. then maybe I can build something and make and instructable too



8 years ago

If you are of the tinkering type, as I assume pretty much all of us are here, I would recommend looking into the link below for a driver/power kit, direct from japan...


It translates from japanese to english, and is close enough to get the idea of what is going on. I'd love to hear your results!


10 years ago

You're going to have to figure out the pinouts for yourself, unless you can convince the manufacturer (hitachi) to give you the schematics and such information... which is very unlikely. Anyway, count the leads on the ribbon. If it's got 15 plus or minus 1, it might be SVGA, in which case you need to do a trial and error process to match each lead to a pin. You still need to identify the power needs of your laptop and build a power supply, but I'll leave that one to you.

By the way, if it ISNT SVGA... which is actually more likely I think, you're pretty much out of luck without significant investment of time, money, and expertise.