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how can a sandisk picture viewer be wired straight to the ribbon cable of an lcd screen for a picture frame? Answered

i love the laptop picture frames but the pc's i have are real junk. the lcd's i have are good. so how can i connect a sandisk picture viewer to the ribbon cable of a 15" lcd.



10 years ago

you can't. anyways not unless you have an EE. i assume all you have are laptop lcds... if you have a desktop lcd screen, those have the control circuits built in.


Answer 10 years ago

what if the video cards could be removed and used?

Joe Martineparker

Answer 10 years ago

The video card in a laptop is built into the mainboard and NOT removable. Sorry you can't use a laptop lcd for any other use exsept the laptop it came from unless you want to spend the amount of a brand new lcd with inputs for a driver board for the laptop lcd then no you cannot use the lcd. It would be cheaper and easier for you just to pick up a laptop with a broken hinge on ebay and just use that to make the frame.