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how can i be consistent in printing with rubberized innk? Answered

i have a problem with rubberized ink.. . some tutorials say that I have to press it hard but when i do, it's like the paint is being scraped and the "shiny" effect is not achieved.. . I don't know what to do with the rubberized ink.. another thing is that, where does "bleeding" come from? I mean, what mistake can I possibly commit to see that on my shirt? is it because of not enough pressure? another thing, about the sides of the image, sometimes i do get a "scraped" line on the side of the image.. .why is that so? Can you give me some insights on what errors to prevent? thanks



10 years ago

I can help with only a small part -sorry bleeding occurs becuase of 1 or 2 things, independently or together. 1- the ink viscosity - the more viscous the ink, the less likely it will be to bleed as the molecules that make it up will be holding it all together - think of the difference between water and ketchup and you'll get what I mean. 2 - the material on which the ink is applied to. There are fibres on the material - and the more 'open' those fibres are the more you will get what is known as the capillary effect where the fibres literally suck the liquid into itself - thus creating bleeding. 1 is bad enough, but when you get both it's double trouble! so check your viscosity and material, and if the ink is actually designed for your material. There's no bleeding on t-shirts that have been screen printed so maybe theres your first step ...?