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how can i change the power transformer on my guitar amplifier? Answered

I have a Mesa Boogie, Nomad 45 which I purchased in the USA. I now live in Hong Kong and wish to change the power transformer to 220v so that it will work properly here. Is this something I can do myself if I purchase the correct transformer? Please help and thanks for any advice!



9 years ago

Two routes to go:

-- Get the transformer changed. Mercury Magnetics makes a dual-primary drop-in replacement. But expect to pay big bucks...

-- Use an "outboard" 220V to 120V stepdown transformer. Something like these...


10 years ago

I don't know too much about guitar amps, the easiest sollution would be to get a 220-.120 vac transformer that can handle the watts, but that's not very ellegant. Looking at the schematic, the transformer needs the following outputs:
6.2 vac center tapped (3.1 volts gnd 3.1volts)
700 vac center tapped (350 gnd 350)
and then 50vac
so if you can get a transformer with those outputs (i don't know how many amps/watts, schematic doesn't say), you can just replace it.

BTW, if u want it, here's the schematic i was looking at: