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how can i connect a pic18f4550 to a pic16f88 using a max485 with details about the wires connection between them? Answered

i want to create a Master-Slave connection between a pic18f4550(Master) and a pic16f88(Slave) using the max485.
i need to know how to connect them and how can i program the pics using the proton ide application .
then i want to connect the master to a pc using the same mode and i need to know how.
thank you very much



3 years ago

Enhanced USART module:- Supports RS-485, RS-232, and LIN 2.0 - Auto-Baud Detect - Auto-Wake-Up on Start bit In-Circuit Serial Programming TM (ICSP TM ) via two pins

  • Master Synchronous Serial Port (MSSP) module

    supporting 3-wire SPI (all 4 modes) and I^2 C™ Master and Slave Modes with I^2 C address mask.


    READ how to do it

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    Answer 3 years ago

    It is no problem asking for help on some specifics of a problem but without any background knowledge from your end it is next to impossible.
    I am guessing this is for some project so take a step back and rethink the approach.
    What are my capabilities?
    What do I know about solving the involved programming problems?
    Do I know how to establish a serial communication between two pics and a PC?
    Do I know how to connect / solder / program the modules?
    If some or all of the abvove questions are answered with "nothing, not enough or no clue" than you need to read it up and start with something more simple.


    Answer 3 years ago

    Good points.

    OP should understand the 16f88 is available as a 28 or 40 pin dip or a 28 pin QFN SMD and while the internal hardware is the same some features are not brought out in the 28 pin versions...

    There are also variations of memory size, although your question indicates you have not the wherewithal to appreciate the implied benefits..


    3 years ago

    These items come with a data sheet - read it.

    If you can't find the connections how will you write the necessary code?