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how can i control 6 motors with arduino Mega using PWM? Answered

i have arduino mega and 6 motor of 7.4 V each .
i want to create a drone so i want to control each motor .
can anyone of you tell me the circuit or may be any Arduino shield that i can use.


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Answer 6 years ago

That shield is a low end shield and not designed for all motors to be running at once. While the shield does cover all the pins it's not using vary many of them to start with.

Like i said you will need individual controllers for each motor that take a PWM input to run them. Since your want to build a drone you'll need something like these.


Start googleing arduino quadcopters and drones to see what others are using.


6 years ago

You'll need a motor controller for each motor. any motor controller compatible with the motor and can be controlled with a PWM signal will due.