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how can i convert ac powered 35w motor as a generator? Answered



8 years ago

You need to get a rectifier, and then you also need to know if it is a permanent magnet motor, if its not then it is "impossible."


10 years ago

my answer is based on stuff i found online before and i did not try myself connect a big polyester capacitor (bigger than the one currently there) to the capacitor wires and spin the motor fast without load for some time. then connect voltmeter and see if there is any output you may or may not get output depending on the motor you have if you dont get output - try to connect the capacitor momentarily to a battery while you spin the motor and see if it starts to generate if there still is no output try to move the capacitor to across the main wires anyway you need to spin the motor to high enough speed without load and only then connect the load when experimanting you may try to spin the motor with a drill