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how can i cover my custom sized photogrpahic prints sustainably ? Answered

I am interested in selling photo prints in galleries as well as online. I would like to present these prints as tidily as possible and so need some kind of display cover as well as cardboard backing. Can anyone tell me how I could create or order these covers from eco friendly materials (like biodegradable) and also if there are uk sources for strong cardboard. Thanks for your help.


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11 years ago

If the prints aren't too large, you might be able to cut a mat from recycled mat board and use a sheet of corn plastic cut from a large clamshell food container to cover the opening. You should be able to find the mat board at any art supplier, and the clamshell boxes are popular with vegan/vegetarian shops and organic grocers, at least here in the US. I assume that the same would be true for the UK.