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how can i get a vid of you tube to play backwards?? Answered



8 years ago

You'll need software to do the job. I use an open source video editor called "Avidemux" available free here:


Download to a file the clip you want to reverse, open with the video editor and click on the 'Video' tab, scroll down to 'Filters' click on it and then select 'Reverse'
You can then copy the file in reverse and save it to a folder.
I can't give you a lesson on how to use Avidemux here, but the instructions and help section will guide you through.
If you have or decide to use a different editor, search it for a reverse filter and that should do the same thing.


8 years ago

Depends on how the video is encoded. If it's compressed over the time domain as well as space (most are), it would have to be fully decoded (forward) and buffered as uncompressed frames (or recompressed backward) in order to reverse it. That isn't difficult if one knows how to write the compression/decompression code, but it's not something a novice is going to rattle off.

So you're looking for tools which have either already implemented that for YouTube-style videos, or for tools which can capture the videos from YouTube and convert them to a format for which you can find a reverse player. The "DVDVideoSoft" tools can capture from YouTube; I haven't had much reason to go looking for a reverse player so I can't help you with that part of the problem. (I think I have a program which could do it, but it's part of a commercial software package and I presume you're looking for cheap or free.)