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how can i get my acer aspire 10 to connect to home network? it connects to other wifis but not my home network Answered

ok so i cant get my acer aspire 10 connected to my home internet iv tried so much and nothing helps it connected to a friends wifi in seconds and it just wont connect to my home network and im clearly using the home network right now to post this so its obviously working my cell is connected to it too so its just very irritating please help me i am loosing my mind :S




4 years ago

Hey there, I'm assuming you are using windows 8.x - when you say it doesn't connect, does it fail to actually connect to the wifi or does it manage to connect to the wifi but doesn't seem to get an IP address?? Does it see the network but then fails? You could try removing your Router's Network from your current list of known wireless networks. If it comes up when you click on the wifi symbol near the bottom right of your screen, select it and choose forget or you can go under PC settings > Network > click Manage known networks - select your home network and click forget... then try to reconnect. Re-entering your network key etc... What security does your router use (WEP, WPA, WPA2)? I assume you have never set your ip address manually, if so it may work with some networks and not others depending on their network subnet settings... if this may have happened and you want help setting it back to automatically receiving an IP from your router - post here and we'll give you a step by step guide... routers sometimes malfunction, will allow certain devices to connect but not others due to strange states they find themselves in or due to incompatible network standards (your laptop speaks "English" and your router speaks "American" - it should work but sometimes they misunderstand)... try rebooting the router and your laptop. Do you have a network cable to test plugging your laptop directly into your router? Let us know what you have tried and we'll go from there :)