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how can i get my blowdart gun to fire it farther. its made of straws.? Answered

my dart gun is made of two straws and it sticks into the wall



Best Answer 10 years ago

take some sewing thread and coil it around 3 fingers about 10 or 20 times. slip the loops off your fingers. Take a sewing needle and insert the side with the hole into the middle of your pile of loops. Take a piece of thread and tie the bundle of thread with the needle sticking out. Finally clip the side with the loops so it looks like some 80's spiked hair.. Load your straw and fire. I like to put a needle through my straw towards the bottom so I don't inhale a needle. You could also get some 1/4" pvc tubing and some metal rod and build a monster.. Good luck


10 years ago

Yo could try oiling the barrel or putting a paintball cylinder on it