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how can i install the ORIGINAL xbox firmware on a clean hard drive? Answered

i felt like playing my old xbox a couple of days ago and when i turned it on it was ticking and making weird scratchy noises so i opened it up took the hard drive out of the box (still connected to the motherboard) and turned it on and the noises were coming from the hard drive i want to put in a new hard drive but i dont know how i can get the xbox firmware on it or if anyone can give me different software like one that can play burned games because my games are a little scratched 
oh and i need the program to be US Region 
thanks to all the helpers
(sorry for my english if i got something wrong)



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10 years ago

That does sound like your hard drive is failing. If you have a real PC available, you may be able to "clone" its contents onto a new drive using a sector-by-sector copying program. Or you might not be able to, depending on what kinds of copy protection were designed into the machine.

Might be faster and easier to see if you can find a replacement XBox. eBay currently lists several; recent sales have been for as low as $75.