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how can i make a Wireless LED circuit board ? Answered

i'm working on a project where i need a circuit board with about 15 LED's. But i need to have a switch turn them from a very shot distance, about 3 to 5ft. so i CAN NOT have any wires, and dont want wires. So i already assume a power supply should be mounted on the circuit board, and at the switch. But i don't know what else i need. Is there a tutorial i can find ? Could i get some help ?



7 years ago

i was thinking the same some days ago.
i'm not an expert, my job is being a creative director. I was thinking to create a magnetic field apart and make all the leds in the room react thanks to a copper magnet motor for each one of them.

Now there are two problems:

how adapt this thing to apparels that don't love magnetic fields ? (just like computers etc.)

how create this magnetic field in home?

i'm not a scientist so i won't theorize about how to make this even if i have some ideas. In the same time i hate professionals engeneers that always answer just like they have a stick in the...arse...even if someone tries to be creative...


10 years ago

Well your gonna need something to connect all the components to each other. Unless you have the ability to etch your own circuit boards, you're gonna need some wire.


Answer 10 years ago

:D haha, yea i figured on that.. but i've never tried anything wireless. I don't know how to do infrared. i kinda wondered how to do it :D