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how can i make a color change menu in a batch file? Answered

this is what i have madet but i cant se why it wont change color

echo off
goto 1

color 0A
goto 1

@echo.1) Crasher
@echo.2) just for fun
@echo.3) shutdown
@echo.4) spiral
color 0A
@echo.5) matrix(g)
@echo.6) matrix(r)
@echo.7) matrix(b)
@echo.8) change color
@echo.9) not done
@echo.10) not done
@echo.11) not done
@echo.12) not done

set pass=
choice /c 123456789 /n /m "Choose a task"
set pass=%errorlevel%

if errorlevel 1 set goto=crash
if errorlevel 2 set goto=fun
if errorlevel 3 set goto=3
if errorlevel 4 set goto=spiral
if errorlevel 5 set goto=matrix(g)
if errorlevel 6 set goto=matrix(r)
if errorlevel 7 set goto=matrix(b)
if errorlevel 8 set goto=color
if errorlevel 9 set goto=done
if errorlevel 10 set goto=done
if errorlevel 11 set goto=done
if errorlevel 12 set goto=done
goto %goto%

start Crashthecomputer.bat
goto done

start fun.bat
goto done

shutdown -f
goto done

start spiral.bat
goto done

start matrixg.bat
goto done

start matrixr.bat
goto done

start matrixb.bat
goto done

@echo.1) green
@echo.2) red
@echo.3) blue
@echo.4) gule
@echo.5) cyen
@echo.6) purpel

set passs=
choice /c 1234567 /n /m "Choose a task"
set passs=%color%

if color 1 set goto=greens

@echo thanks for using my creation


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