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how can i make a homemade fire alarm? Answered

i wan2 make a homemade fire alarm dut dont know to.


The Ideanator

Best Answer 8 years ago

Maybe spelling your keywords properly in google would help.


8 years ago

What kind ? An automatic one, or one you hit with a hammer ?


Basically what you need are three things.
a power supply (usually 12 V, try an AC adaptor)
a Pull station (the thing you pull to set off the alarm. you can use a switch) Check eBay, I bought a FireLite BG12 for $15 new! I also have some older ones if you want)
a signaling appliance (the actual alarm) you can get a 'horn' or 'horn/strobe' unit. I recommend the ones made by Wheelock. Those can also be found for cheap. There's also stand alone strobe units. I have a lot of extra ones that are new or like new, so let me know if you're interested in buying some. I can arrange payment via Paypal for security.