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how can i make a javascript cookie array? Answered


i am currently programming a shopping cart for my website, which can at the moment go one of two ways
1. everytime an item is added tot he cart, it adds the following variables " " image page url / Name " quantity  Price  + /N " to a variable which is written to the body of the shopping cart  page using document.write, like this example
"image" lighter (as url) , 2 , $12
this means however users cannot edit shopping cart items once added to cart, nor can they change quantity

2. everything is placed in a cookie array, and is printed like this
var cookies +1
set array new item [ cookies] ; name ; quantity ; value

and thats that, however i do not know how to make such a long array , or how to make a string printed like that which's values can be read like that, made into a cookie. please help!


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9 years ago

1) I agree with seandogue, there's a very active javascript channel on freenode. Go to webchat.freenode.net

2) Why write your own when there are LOADS of code examples for this online. Just integrate an existing one with your site.


Answer 9 years ago

will do, only problem is that i have not yet found a code example of what i want to do.