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how can i make a nightvision circuit with only an tiny screen and a tiny lens (from an old mobile phone)? Answered

recently I bought a new cellphone because my old one was wrecked, and old and so on and so on. so I took it apart, and finished with the parts I wanted, a tiny color screen and an tiny lens, with leads to an tiny red thingy where underneath a sort of connection circuit. can anyone give me a schematic where I can see how many power, how to connect, and how to turn on and off the camera. because I want to make a night vision set, which you can make with for example a webcam or that one on your mobile. but I want someone, without any cords, one you can build in an a modified pair of glasses. thanx in advance!



10 years ago

You could do the thing, where you take of the Infrared-Block Lense and replace with the undeveloped part at the end of camera negatives. Then all you have to do is wire up some infrared LED's (better to use 10mm), and then you can see in night vision while others can't see you! as for Phone schematics, you would have to tell us what model of Phone, but even then I don't think the companys devulge that information. try googling it, some people have done this with those 30 min disposible Camcorders from CVS, the steps should be very similar.


Answer 10 years ago

well it WAS a siemens c72 , but it is now totally demontated. but I still got the 1.3 megapixel camera, with leads to a tiny red square, and the screen. so I need a schematics for using the little screen, and the camera. the whole cellphone aint working, so I can't use the phone as power source. but thanks for your reaction!