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how can i make a silent lighter? Answered

*a normal flint lighter makes noise and have to replace flints, also your thumb may get beat up from the roller when attempting to ignite it. **the electronic ignitor lighters - they don't last too long and they make a louder clicking sound upon igniting. ***using the usual disposable/refillable lighters what are some ideas to making a "silent or a quiet lighter" ex.: maybe a small button battery operation of some sort to ignition I'm open to any ideas that is compact in design, reliable, and relates to my main idea of a quiet lighter... Or if anyone has ideas to a flintless, fueless, heat source that doesn't take longer then 30seconds to generate heat



Best Answer 10 years ago

Electric: You'd need a battery and some wire and a switch - think of the sort of thing you get in cars but smaller. You might be able to hack (carefully remove the glass/quartz with pliers) a 12v halogen bulb - they have fairly thick elements - and see if a couple of 9v batteries in 'parallel will get it red-hot.



8 years ago

you tape 2 wires one on each side of a match. take a few strands of steel wool and wrap them around the wire. bend down the top half of the two wires. touch a 9v battery to the two wires. you can do this without the match but then you need something to light.


9 years ago

Electrical means seem like the best option here, resistance wire and batteries combination would be the key, I might have a play around with some constantan and a few batteries to find out how many would be practical, thinner gauge will heat up easier but be more fragile and more likely to burn out... The other option is to use a capacitor to make a spark, but it wouldn't be the safest or subtlest thing in the world.


10 years ago

steel wool + battery = orange hot steel threads

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