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how can i make an audio amplifier with a non lm386 ic? Answered

i want to make an audio amplifier to drive a 64 ohm speaker with my ipod but my local shop dosent have the lm386 chip so i was wondering if anyone knows an alternative chip that i can use and if so, a schematic for the circuit!!! thanks!!!


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11 years ago

The TDA2822 amp chip is a good low power audio amp, you can use it on its own, or you can use it in a bridged circuit to effectively double the power.
(for comparison, a TDA2822 chip can be powered from a USB power rail)

Its easy and cheap to use. Here is a schematic for the TDA2822 chip doing what it normally does. Best of all, it comes in Through Hole and surface mount.

FYI i think you may have got it wrong about the speaker, since i have never heard of one with 64ohm impedance!