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how can i make plane working with petrol and controlled by remote? Answered





7 years ago


1. your intentions - what your going to do with it
2. Your skill level
3. Your budget
4. What RC experience you already have.
5. Where you are in the world.

I don't know the answer to any of these SO... I suggest strongly you go for a High wing TRAINER and initially go for electric power. there are LOTS of almost Ready to Fly (ARTF) models out there to choose from depending on your budget:

A couple of hints:

If your a starter then choose a system that has the RC equipment installed and comes as a complete package - Try to get 2.4 Ghz equipment as it will last you longer and has fewer issues.

Try to get someone who can fly to show you how or at least set up the plane for you

Don't try to run before you can walk - have patience you WILL break the air craft a few times. This is all part of the learning curve.

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Answer 7 years ago

1- i want to play with it in the sky
3- a good budget
4- i don't have any experience
5- im in bahrain in middle east