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how can i make sodium hypochlorite bleach from rudimentary material. Answered

please help me to make sodium hypochlorite bleach from rudimentary material for sterilisation purposes ( i was told by a US trained man that it was so) someone told me to check you out on the net.(that u knew all sorts of wonderful hands-on chemistry) and for mouth wash. it is for a rural health post in northern ghana. we buy the stuff from accra and transporting it across the country to the north is making the cost difficult for the rural folks here to afford. but they need it as cheap as possible for hygiene purposes.


Add table salt to water (100 grams salt (NaCl) to 1 Liter of water). Two electrodes in the water (graphite preferred), run 12v (like a car battery) through the two electrodes for 1 hour, and you have a Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) solution.



9 years ago

If you electrolyse brine with a carbon anode (+ve) you will reduce chloride to chlorine. At the other electrode you produce hydrogen (gas) and hydroxide ions. Give it a while and the two combine to make "bleach" L