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how can i make the clear connectors that hook the "hot wheels" tracks together? i can't buy them anywere. thanx Answered



3 years ago

I landed here while looking to buy some myself. Frustrating that a replaceable part like this which is routinely lost or broken leaving us with a pile of hand-me-down track where the track outnumbers the connectors significantly, is so hard to buy. That said, it can be bought:


But not here in Australia, and while eBay lists some, with shipping to Australia, it's cheaper to buy new hot wheels track kits and throw away all but the connectors which would somewhat defeat the purpose of breathing life into the old track we have and add unnecessarily to land fill.

That said, I have a sample and measured it now, and it's no 1" exactly at all as mitaccio suggests, but a little wider, around 26mm. chuckr 44 has a sensible idea but I'd measure the thickness with a vernier caliper and am concerned that the raw material (plastic sheet which looks to be about 2mm thick) is hard to get and/or as pricey again as buying new hot wheels track make no mention of the work of cutting it and the possibility of poor fit (the actual connectors I have have a total 16 small round nipples, 4 a side on the top and bottom of each side, offset from one another so that they clearly apply some elastic pressure in the grooves to keep it in place which might be a show stopper if using just flat plastic - needs testing.

If I were in the US or Canada I'd just buy from the website above. As it is I'm still stuck.


8 years ago

They are exactly 1" wide. If you have a carpentry square the rulers are normally the exact width. As chuckr44 said, use the rubbermaid container and cut up the strips. I bought a tote at walmart for $2 on clearance and made about 200 connectors. Good thing I have 200 feet of track.


10 years ago

You'll want a thicker plastic, like from a good quality Tupperware or Rubbermaid container. Take an existing connector, trace it on the appropriate piece of flat plastic, fit, trim and adjust.