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how can i power my external hard drive on the go? ? Answered

i want to make a rechargeble battery pack using capacitors but not sure where to begin. the external hard drive needs 12v and 1.5 A


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Consider that powering an external drive that requires this much power to be very heavy, prohibitively so if you are the one carrying it around. Also, remember that hard drives aren't really made to be in transport most of the time, by taking your drive anywhere you run the risk of damaging the drive and losing all your data! (I am speaking from experience).

They make usb keys that are 128gigs which do not require any additional power. This is a much cleaner design solution and minimizes the risk of data loss (and weight issues!)

If this is for a vehicle you're better off hard wiring it to your car and simply unplugging it from the back of the enclosure when you leave. There may even be a possibility of using the cigarette lighter in some older cars to power it.

Hope that helps, good luck!


11 years ago

You can't make useful storage devices from regular capacitors. Very very big ones, special super-capacitors perhaps. NiMH batteries would be a better bet.
However, mikeasaurus gives you a good answer there.