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how can i power three servo and an arduino UNO using a single 12 volt battery? Answered

I have a 12 volt rechargeable battery, and I am in need to provide power supply to my project, that contains 3 servo motors ( 2-MG995 and 1- DXW90) and also my arduino UNO . I am getting issues like when i use all these through arduino the arduino stops working. so how can i solve this issue. I have a small bread board,should i use it for delivering power..
please guide me so that I could finish my project ...... suggest me some connections so that i could understand....


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4 years ago

If you check the Arduino Playground you will find all the answers you seek.
Including diagrams how to connect the things and why you need a seperate power supply for your servos.
The Arduino simply is not capable of providing the power you need.
Also helps to check the related Instructables to the right ------->


Answer 4 years ago

Seperate AND critically, 5..6V