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how can i remove rvhost.exe from my computer? Answered

             It always takes a long while before my computer opens up. When it opens up a message always appears which says " cannot find rvhost.exe." I know this is a virus.how can i remove it from my computer? What particular antivirus software has the capability to delete or quarantine this virus?

             Please help.                


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11 years ago

Sounds like windows is attempting to load it during the logon phase, but the virus has already been destroyed (hence the rvhost.exe not found" message)

Sysinternals @ http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/default.aspx

has a utility called "autoruns" that allows you to access a whole bunch of startup variables, far more, ime, than other utilities aside from directly editing the registry.

Once opened (download to some directory and unzip, then run autoruns.exe), wait for it to generate the catalog view, then choose the logon tab. Look for the offending entry there first. Uncheck and or delete the entry. If it'ds not there, you can either look for it in the "everything" tab or start checking the other tabs for the entry. Rvhost.exe will be listed in the column labeled "Image path" along with the directory in which it was located when installed into the registry.

I've found it helpful to hide known microsoft entries by selecting options and checking  "hide microsoft and windows entries" , then FIle -> Refresh to minimize clutter and isolate non windows entries for review.

best wishes