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how can i safely seal a photograph for an outdoor gravesite?...i have wood Answered



3 years ago

I was advised years ago by a lady I dated (who happened to be an art conservator for a living), that when placing valuable (historic, plain old expensive, etc) photos in a home, valuable pieces should not be placed so they face South, or towards windows, etc., ie, the least exposure to sunlight.

Obviously, you can't avoid sunlight outdoors. However...

In the same vein, I'd suggest that you apply the image (if possible) with the least direct exposure to the sun, regardless of any surface treatments or laminates applied to protect the photo. For instance, in the Great Lakes region of the US, a "best" direction would be due North , presuming no tree cover. Adjust for local conditions (obstructions, building, monuments, etc that can all help shade an area.)


3 years ago


Most of these show how to transfer the picture onto wood - i suggest you varnish the mage afterwards.

Alternatively you could glue to wooden panel and paint with a clear UV proof varnish, or you could laminate the photograph to protect it.

One thing make sure you have a copy of the picture you never know what is going to happen.


Answer 3 years ago

+1 for the UV proof varnish - even when you manage to water proof the image, the UV rays in sunlight will bleach the image.

And do not only make sure, you have a copy, make sure, you use the copy and keep the original. That way, if something fails/fades you can make another copy and start again. Otherwise, you will have to work with a copy of a copy (of a copy...) Of course that is not a problem, if your original is a digital photo. In that case, you'll need backups (yes, one is not enough).


3 years ago

Lamination. You can have an office supply store do it for you or you can buy self aheasive laminating sheets from the same stores.


3 years ago

First off you have to find out if the picture is UV stable - most normal pictures are not.
This means they fade away after a year or two.
For obvious reason you also don't want any moisture within the sealed pack.
Laminating is good for the weather protection but you still need something to block the UV out.
If you want it fancy then use your wood for a nice frame and put the picture between two panes of glass.
Seal around with silicone and it should last for many years.