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how can i set up back ground lighting with LED strips but using a battery pack as the power supply? Answered

i  have 3 skate boards hanging in my room (hanging like this http://www.sk8ology.com/images/Products/3DeckDisplay/3deckdisplay_ig.jpg   using these hangers http://www.sk8ology.com/images/Products/SingleDeckDisplay/parts_ig.jpg). i want to put led lights behind them to light them up. but i want it all concealed behind the skate boards. how would i set this up? is it even possible?


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8 years ago

Figure out how many lights you want to use and find the lights so you can get the specs from them.

Plug in the data in an led calculator and it will tell you what resistors to use.

You may have to change your battery size so that you get long life out of it.

Build your circuit.