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how can i turn a 2 second pulse output to a toggle output? Answered

i want to turn a garage door opener into a remote relay because i have a million and one uses for it, but when the sensor senses the signal, it activates the internal relay for a second or two, i want to know if or how i can turn that into a toggle output so when i press the button it turns the rely on if it's off and vice versa. if i need to mod the receiver circuit that's great, but i also plan on using this for a proximity sensor: http://www.ikalogic.com/ir_prox_sensors.php
and if anyone can tell me how to use a 4013 or something like that to do this, i can kill 2 birds with one stone. thanks in advance!



10 years ago

Take your D type, Tie R and S to gnd, tie D to /Q. Toggle clock with your relay. Steve

the judgesteveastrouk

Answer 10 years ago

sorry, im not an expert, do u mean connect one pin from the pulsed relay to gnd and the other to clock? and what pin is the toggle output?