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how can u do this project(pressure activated light up umbrella) without using arduino? Answered

tell early................


Jack A Lopezsteveastrouk

Answer 7 years ago

My guess would be atmospheric pressure, particularly lower than average atmospheric pressure.

There exist gizmos for predicting near-term weather, usually with a microprocessor and a pressure transducer, the kind that can sense absolute pressure, essentially a barometer. 

The history of the pressure signal may be part of it too.  That is a sudden  drop in barometric pressure is more ominous than a gradual one.  I think. Or I might have that backwards.  But I remember thinking it was something more complicated than just the instantaneous value for atmospheric pressure.


7 years ago

are you talking about a umbrella with a button that you press one time and the umbrella stays lighted until you press again?
If so, just use a on off press switch.


7 years ago

"Pressure activated"? Isn't that just a switch?