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how can u get on a website that is blocked like Myyearbook, Myspace? Answered




10 years ago

The reason its blocked is probably because the guy who posted this most probably goes to school, meaning its blocked because you're presumably supposed to be doing school work. If you must, try checking out 10chan.org. They have an updated proxy list you can try some if you really want to.


10 years ago

First you must contemplate that it was blocked for a reason, and that there may be repercussions for visiting a blocked site. Once you're past that - read on.

You need to find an anonymous proxy. This is a server that ISNT blocked which you can visit - and is willing to redirect your internet traffic from *insert blocked site* to you. There are plenty of them, they are slow, and there is no guarantee of security. There is nothing stopping a proxy operator from snooping your passwords and such. Don't do anything you consider 'secure' on an anonymous proxy.

Last trick, is use google translate. Translate your blocked page from english to english - google will act as the proxy.